Santa Crewz

(Most of) the Web Productions team (plus Matty B) at the Engagement Work Week in Santa Cruz, 2014


Mozilla Marketing makes the scene at South By Southwest, 2014

Holly! I'm going to miss ya! - Jessilyn

Developers Triomphant

In Paris with MDN, 2014

Mountain View

At the peak of Whistler Mountain, 2015

Wishing you all the best!
Let the waves and the snowfall be the guide to your days ahead.
keep in touch.



MozCamp India, 2014

Sake It to Me

Sushi with the team in Whistler, 2015

You Trog, Etrog, We All Trog

With Jen at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, 2014

Holly - Thank you for everything you've done for the team and for Mozilla! We will miss your dedication to the users & the larger Mozilla community! - Jen

Shoot From the Hipster

Panel discussion on UX and Design at View Source, Portland, 2015

Ideas Sprout From the Top

Talking UX at the Mozilla Summit in Brussels, 2013

Keep on Morocco the Free Web

Selfie with Jen, 2016

Holly, Thank you for the inspiration and friendliness. For your UX insights and taking time out of your day to listen to me rant. Wherever you may wander, and womever's path you cross, keep rocking the weband making users' experiences delightful. Wishing you all the happiness, love, surf and flip-flops you can stand. - Schalk


Ziplining in Whistler, 2015

You Seem a Bit On Edge, You Need to Get a Grip

The puns start to hurt after a while. Whistler, 2015

Holly, You are brilliant and you are bold but you are also one of the most creative, community oriented, inspiring women I've gotten to work with here. I'll miss you (already missed seeing your shining face when you moved back to Amsterdam) and I hope our paths keep crossing in this life.



When The Team Formerly Known As Web Productions was still known as Web Productions, Santa Cruz, 2014

…until we meet again!